The joy of driving (i)

This marvelous footage, from the archives of Radio Télévision Suisse, captures the sheer joy of driving a beautiful car, in this case the iconic Jaguar E-type. 

Among other things, the music is perfect to get you in a sunny, adventurous mood, and the scenes of Geneva are familiar to anyone who knows and loves the city.   I also particularly like the driver getting out of the car the better to admire its lines from a distance.  This reminds me of Magic Mick who told me one should always have two Eames chairs, one to sit in and a second one to look at while seated in the first.

A 1971 British Racing Green version belonging to Our Friend John was my first experience of driving (or rather, being driven in) a classic car.  I was about 18 and we tore about the country lanes for half an hour. 

This was the hey-day of the 8-track and as I recall, the only one he had was Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.  I remember the sense of take-off as the car roared up a hill. 

Ludwig loved it. 


Film credit: Radio Télévision Suisse archives

Photo credit: Clem Onojeghuo at unsplash


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