The story behind 'The Story of a 1000 Things'

Love of a car with c(h)aracter and other things which are timeless (whether by design or default), has inspired   

Things last sometimes because they’re built to last, but mostly because they’ve retained our engagement or affection, and often the engagement and affection of people or generations before us.  This can be through utility, beauty, or a combined ‘beautility’; some form of trend-transcendent (transtrendent?) appeal, or because they carry embedded in their form someone’s memories, or the memories of a culture.   

These embedded stories captivate and move me, and I have started systematically collecting them.  This includes the skill, care and time taken in their making and the mind of the maker behind them.  The idea is to share these stories with you, at a gentle pace, over the months and years to come.  

So, in addition to celebrating a glorious example of timeless design, the fun, freedom and flair of it, we’ll also be celebrating a bigger story, The Story of a 1000 Things.  The first few stories will appear in the coming days. 

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  1. Michael Fanning

    Lovely car! Reminds me a bit of my once-owned Karmann Ghia in its design.

    • beatriceotto

      The Karmann Ghia is indeed a pretty car Michael!

  2. Perret Anne-Catherine

    Lovely way to stay in contact and I hope to see you one day driving through Geneva with this beauty, i.e. your turquoise car.

    • beatriceotto

      We haven’t yet ventured into Geneva, but it’s time! Would love to see you soon.

  3. Michael Snelling

    Hello BB Lovely to see this on the day the EU announce that manufactures must keep machine spares for 10 years from manufacture … by coincidence today my beloved 20 years old Gaggia coffee machine had its 5 year service … works like new!!AsGEcJ57YQkIgppswYbmF7D8dyCuQg

    • beatriceotto

      Dear MM, thank you for sharing this vital piece of information, and what good timing on the part of the EU. I remember your Gaggia and the fine coffees it makes!

    • beatriceotto

      Delighted you visited and signed up to the Spydergram. She’ll be in touch. Happy New Year!

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