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Hello, and how do you do?  I’m Spyder Celeste and my mission is fun, freedom and flair, and celebrating things of timeless beautility, being one myself. 

My birth certificate says I came off the Alfa Romeo production line in Turin on 2nd July 1956, a mere 65 years of accumulated youth ago.  Emerging into the Italian sunlight, they despatched me to the United States where for some decades I led a discreet existence under cover before being shipped back across the Atlantic. Languishing in a garage, I was then rescued from obscurity by Dr. Robin who kindly spent years restoring me to full health.   

Currently parked in splendid Switzerland, I am nevertheless delighted to report that we will be returning to Il Bello Paese, where I look forward to rallying old friends and relations.   

Most kind of you to visit.  Do come again.  My assistant would be glad to sign you up for occasional Spydergrams: reports of our adventures and discoveries of pulchritudinous places and things.  Be so good as to type the word ‘Subscribe’ in the comments form to the left, and then tap the ‘Submit Comment’ button.  Thank you!  

Ever yours,

Spyder Celeste

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Copyright & credits: www.spyderceleste.com design and content, Beatrice Otto 2022, all rights reserved  -  Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider illustrations by João Montenegro at joaomontenegro.com   -   car restoration by Robin Otto Restorations   -   colours include Celeste by Teresasabeafresa; Aosta Sky by Midoriko; Bright Alfa Romeo by Manekineko; Alfa Blue by Duklida; Sport Car Blue by Conache; Italian Morning Sky by Trouhoff; La Vita è Bella by Joelcc  -   fonts include Joyful and Special Elite.

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